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Hockey Players Network - It seems the entire group is to be punished for one individuals behavior

Miles, Please be advised that due to the unacceptable conduct of members of your organization tonight with regards to the Arizona Coyotes Black & White Scrimmage, upon completion of currently contracted ice through 7/30/22, the Ice Dens will not be renting any additional ice to Hockey Players Network.   We will no longer tolerate the failure to adhere to rink policies or the continued mistreatment and disrespect of our staff.  Time and money spent at the rink does not equate to preferential treatment or permit Ice Den community members to abuse our employees and partners.   Should there be any additional incidents during the remaining ice times our staff has been instructed to call Scottsdale P.D. The involved individuals will be permanently trespassed from the building. In addition, there will be zero tolerance for players who opt to skate with other adult hockey groups.  Any violation of policy will  result in  loss of privileges at the Ice Dens.   Compared to the hundreds of ice renters the Ice Dens currently partner with between the two buildings, the communications, expectations and behavior exhibited by this organization over the past two years does not reflect those and the spirit at which are intended through these relationships.   Marcy     MARCY FILECCIA President Coyotes Ice, LLC & Coyotes Ice 2, LLC Phone: (480) 585-7465 ext. 116 Fax: (480) 585-9117 E-mail: Website:  

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All goaltenders are welcome to play in any Hockey Players Network  skates , all reservation are first come first serve. If you would like to play simply login and RSVP for skate of your choice! See you at the rink! 

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