Snap Wax Hockey Stick Wax


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Snap Wax Hockey Stick Wax


The Snap Wax Hockey Stick Wax was the first hockey-specific wax to hit the market over 25 years ago. Snap Wax fights off snow and slush buildup for maximum stick handling control without losing precious puck feel.

Luc Robitaille, Mark O’Neil (past LA Kings Equipment Manager) and a chemist from USC worked together to design a wax that does not harden at cold temperatures, unlike non-hockey specific waxes. When wax hardens on a blade, it still prevents snow and slush buildup from happening but puck feel is seriously compromised because the blade faces become too slick. Snap Wax came out with a new formula that not only stays soft in cold temperatures but actually improves puck feel and gives a player a similar feel to that of a wooden blade.


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