Hockey Players Network - FAQ

Hockey Players Network is NOT pick up hockey. We strive to make sure this is NOT a pickup hockey session. We limit the skaters to 20 total .In this way players do not have to sit for long periods of time which makes them feel they need to stay out longer because they know they will sit for a long period of time when returning to the bench. The goal is to maintain a pace which does not destroy our skate and the rhythm of hockey in general.

We will not have a two-minute timer, this destroys rhythm we will simply maintain pace with 20 – 22 skaters max and rotate through the bench. No referees so that no infractions will be called.

REMEMBER there will not be any officials, we know how to manage ourselves as hockey players, this is Hockey Players Network hockey, have fun playing this great game, get a great workout, be respectful of your fellow players which means the hotdogging and stick swinging, slashing and chippy play can be left at home. One last item, there will not be any scouts in the stands!

Currently all Hockey Players Network sessions are being held at the Ice Den in Scottsdale,AZ. You must register and create an account to view the schedule and RSVP for skate sessions. We hope to have a schedule of sessions at the new Legacy Ice arena scheduled to open in fall of 2020.

All Hockey Players Network sessions are $25.00 per skater. Hockey Players Network receives no profits by conducting any skates. Hockey Players Network profits are created with equipment and hockey accessory sales ONLY! Our prices for hockey sessions are as a direct result of what the facility charges for ice time per hour.


  1. 90 Minute ice rental fees.
  2. All goaltenders will be paid 200 loyalty points for each session completed so that we can gaurentee 2 goalies at each Hockey Players Network session.
  3. Maintenance and upkeep of the website to support our network.
  4. Any profits realized by Hockey Players Network are on the sale of hockey merchandise and equipment ONLY! Help support the Hockey Players Network with the purchase of hockey merchandise.

To participate in any Hockey Players Network skate session you MUST be 18 years of age or older no exceptions.

Sign up is easy,simply go to the home page and select CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP you will be taken to a registration page. Fill out the form and you are now a registered with an account. You will be automatically enrolled in our loyalty points program. With your registration you will earn 100 loyalty points.

Hockey Players Network requires that you agree to an injury liability waiver and that you sign that waiver. During the sign up process you will basked to select a box that you have read and understand the waiver. We suggest and require you wear full protective equipment during skate sessions.

You may login to your account at any time and cancel your  RSVP skate, if you cancel your RSVP 24 hours prior to the skate time you will be issued a full refund. If the cancellation occurs less that 24 hours prior to the scheduled day and ice-time. You will NOT receive a refund NO EXCEPTIONS. If you need to cancel send email to attach a copy of your receipt and you will receive a full refund within 48 hours.

Hockey Players Network – Loyalty Points program is very easy and has enormous benefits to you. Immediately upon registering at Hockey Players Network you will be enrolled in the loyalty points program. Just by signing up you will have 100 points added to your account. Each time you make a purchase at Hockey Players Network to include RSVP ice time you will be rewarded with point. Give a purchased product a review good or bad and receive points, all activity at Hockey Players Network will result in points being added to your account. The points in your account are as good as cash, use the points to receive discounts on all items at Hockey Players Network – Sign Up and start earning points now!

  • You must wear a mask to enter the Ice Den
  • You must dress as much of your hockey equipment as possible before entering the building.
  • Spitting will NOT be tolerated on any level, any spit reported will result in our banishment.
  • Do not disrobe fully after skate sessions are complete. 
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