Hockey Goalie Drills: Rebound Control
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Posted by Robbi Drysdale  . Apr 30
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Ice hockey goalie drills need to specifically address how a goalie can eliminate second chance opportunities by giving off juicy rebounds. In this ProSmart tutorial, Kurt Jory displays proper stick and pad activation to control the direction of the rebound from low incoming shots.

ProSmart Hockey's personalized hockey learning system teaches young athletes, from initiation to midget, hockey skills in a fun and easy to understand way. Whether your kids need to learn how to skate backwards, how a power play works, or the best way to take a wrist shot, our interactive videos will teach them step-by-step.


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  • Robbi Drysdale
    Robbi Drysdale This is a great example of what all instructional video should be like. Straight to the point simple no nonsense instruction.
    Apr 30