Top 10 Richest Hockey Players Of All Time
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Posted by Clark Albertson  . Apr 26
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We ranked the top 10 richest hockey players of all time based on their net worth and accumulated fortunes!

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In this original video we are taking a look at the richest hockey players in the world and how they managed to accumulate their wealth.

Hockey is one of the most well-loved sports in Canada and the US, and the richest hockey players in history certainly reap the rewards.
The professional National Hockey League is made up of 30 teams, and dates all the way back to 1917 when it was first established in Montreal. The majority of players are Canadian-born, but many come from the US and Russia, as well as twenty other nations throughout the world.
According to Forbes, the five most valuable clubs with the most money to spend on players, are the New York Rangers ($1.2 billion), the Montreal Canadiens ($1.18 billion), the Toronto Maple Leaves ($1.15 billion), the Chicago Blackhawks ($925 million), and the Boston Bruins ($750 million).

If you're looking to find out who are the current highest paid hockey players in the world we recommend you check out the following ranking we did:

In this top 10 richest hockey players of all time video we'll also be answering the following questions:

- who is the richest hockey player?
- who is the richest NHL player?
- how rich is Wayne Gretzky net worth?

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