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  • 21 Mar 2017
    Peoria - AZ March 21,2017 After more than 20 plus years of participating in Open Hockey, Shinny, Stick Time whatever you chose to call it I am still amazed by some of the behavior by young and older participants.Over the years I have done a tremendous amount of travel for work and over the years when it works out I bring my gear with me and participate in open hockey after work. It seems like no matter the city, state locale basic open hockey rules or etiquette is not observed.At most ice facilities goalies, can participate for free, there is a reason for this that some participants don’t understand or care to realize. I am here to say that they are already hard enough to get to come for a free skate. Why do some guys insist on dangling practice at warm up? Do they hope to split the goalies groin before a single shot is taken during the skate? Why do we take slap shots from the dot at warm up? Is the plan to force the goalie to leave? Or better yet never come back again? Let’s try and stick to simple shots to get the goalie warmed up prior to the skate, let’s try not to hurt him/her and make them of the mind of coming back next time.Can we take a few minutes to examine the skater who stays on the ice for extended lengths of time with a total disregard for any of the other participants? I never understood, this one – why deliberately go out of your way to make everybody angry with you? This one I never could understand, despite the stink eye’s the yelling GET OFF THE ICE from the bench, you ignore all this and insist on having no consideration or respect for anybody else on the ice. This is a classic I have been witness to many times. The new skater shows up, doesn’t know anyone and ends up getting in a fight? It’s likely the skater he has chosen to go to blows with is a regular who has been at the facility for years and likely knows everybody at the skate. Good luck new skater campaigning for sympathy and a chair at the bar after the skate.Finally, is the puck hog, the mindset is the following. I am going to practice my stick handing while everybody watches, even though they may have paid up to $20.00 for an hour and fifteen minutes to play hockey. Did it ever occur to them that some skaters may get a chance to play once a month and my month is burned watching you stick handling? I don’t want to see you skate up the ice for 90 minutes with a three on one and shoot every single time? Why don’t we just exit the ice surface and you can play by yourself, I THINK NOT!
    130 Posted by Steve Anthony
  • 24 Mar 2017
    Peoria AZ March 24,2017 Not sure how many of you have heard of a very good hockey stick company call All Black Hockey Sticks. Full disclosure, I am a long time customer so I am partial to this hockey stick company. With the price of a hockey stick from one of the major OEM's Bauer - EASTON - Reebok - CMM spiraling out of control they are a very, very good option for those of you who do not wish to take out a second on your home so that you can own a good hockey stick. Lets face it, at almost $300.00 per stick All Black Hockey is a pretty good option. These sticks come in a couple of different flexes, also with as many as six differing blade patters and GRIP / NO GRIP $89.00 via their web site is a great price to be serious, and yes they do have a very fair and generous warranty program. The web site is very easy to use and order product and shipping is fast as well, I know that ABHS is located just outside of Detriot MI and I live in Arizona. Typically when I order product it's not more that a couple daays before they sticks show up at my door. Everybody should know about ABHS Company. I know that some of you hockey players are in love with your OEM sticks, but give ABHS a go, what could you possibly lose by giving a stick a GO for $89.00 but more money in your pocket.
    99 Posted by Steve Anthony
  • 27 Mar 2017
    Peoria AZ - March 27.2017 No this is not about the Arizona Coyotes and the city of Glendale, this is actually going to be about hockey for once. To say that the Arizona Coyotes have been playing poorly this year could only be described as an understatement. What seems really mid numbing about the Coyotes 2016-17 season is the mind numbing level of talent that coach Dave Tippet has had avaiable to him this year.I would bet there is scheduled bus service between Tucson and Glendale every hour on the hour. I would imagine it has been hard for fans to keep track of who is actually playing on a nightly basis, not to speak of the players. In Tucson one night in Glendale the next. The Tucson Roadrunner have compiled a stout 14- 6 - 3 - 0 despite the hour on the hour bus service between Tucson and Glendale, this clearly demonstrates a resilient bunch. Not sure why it doesn't translate to NHL games.While the future of the Arizona Coyotes looks bright there seems not to be any urgency on the part of management and the coaching staff. Typically regardless of what NHL team these kind of results either end up in a firing a huge trade or at minimum calls for the head coaches removal. In this case none of the above, some might say dishing Martin Hanzal was huge but I don't think the Wild would agree, since Martin has been essentially hurt since the so called huge trade.Let’s see what happens in 2017-18 for the Arizona Coyotes.  
    79 Posted by Steve Anthony
  • 16 Apr 2017
    Peoria AZ - April 16 - 2017 Where oh where would the Montreal Canadiens be without Alex Radulov. The big news in Montreal this year was the huge trade for Shae Weber and sending PK Subban to Nashville. It looks like now the blockbuster deal was taking a so-called chance on Alex Radulov. It seems to me if nothing else he has proven everybody wrong and deserves to be rewarded for his change in attitude. He happens to be just what the Habs needed regardless of how they end up performing in the Stanley Cup finals. Radulov has been the catalyst for the resurgence of the Montreal Canadiens, his energy fire and desire to win games can only be a positive for an organization that needs it for right now and to have any hope of a great future, sign this guy now Mark Bergevin. 
    75 Posted by Steve Anthony
NHL 60 views May 08, 2017
The Toughest Trophy in Sports

Peoria AZ - May 8, 2017

There is no doubt about it, the toughest trophy in all of professional sports to win is the Stanley Cup. Under the current conditions, the days of the dynasty are for all intensive purposes is done. Because of the speed size of the players and the pure intensity of hockey games in this age, expecting a team to repeat and Stanley Cup season is a huge ask never mind attempting to repeat multiple times.

No longer under the salary cap can you keep a mix of role players superstars and chemistry together year after year. It seems the current methodology is to keep two or three major stars max pay them the majority of your allotted cap money and rotate all the others in hopes of contending for a cup. Essentially retool each year and hope the chemistry is there.

The mental and physical demands upon players are mind-numbing, to say the least, we ask you to play hard every single night, travel, play 82 games in the regular season and then pick up the pace for the playoffs? Do we have any more Stanley Cup playoff series that are won 4 games to 1? Of course, not those days are gone forever. 1000% effort every game and expect each series to go all seven games times 4 series to have a chance at a cup. Add 28 more games after a taxing regular season, imagine in this day and age to manage this for 4 years in a row or 5 years as the Islanders did way back when.

In today's NHL to tray and get this done year after year is a huge ask. NHL training camp starts in September and the cup final ends in June, a short two months to recover and do it all over again is a huge ask.



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